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Frequently Asked Questions
All functions offered here are 100% free of charge. You won’t have to pay anything.
Are you over 18?
Minors are not permitted to use our services.
Forgotten your password?
You can request your password to be sent to the email address stated by clicking on link Forgotten your password?
For how long will my details be saved?
Your details will be saved in our system for as long as your profile is active. If your profile is deleted, all of your details will be permanently removed from our system.
How can I delete my complete account with all my details?
You can delete your account and all details here.
What should I be aware of concerning my profile picture?
Only photos in which you appear alone will be accepted. Pictures with other people will not be accepted in accordance with data protection regulations. Furthermore, pictures with pornographic/erotic content are not permitted.
Which file formats are supported for the profile picture?
Please make sure that the image is in jpg/JPG format. Other formats are not currently supported. In addition, the image must not exceed an overall size of 2 MB.
What should I know about creating my profile?
The use of email addresses and other contact addresses in your public profile is prohibited. Any such contact details found will be deleted.
How can I send a user a private message?
If you want to send a user a private message, or want to receive private messages, you need to create a profile. You will then have the possibility to send private messages.
Can other users see my email address?
Your email address is not visible to other users. Other users can only see your username as sender.