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Privacy Policy
i-media Ltd. takes your privacy very seriously and adheres strictly to the rules of data protection laws. Personal data is collected on this website only for technical purposes. In no case will this information be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties.

Collection, storage and processing of data
i-media Ltd. collects the following data of the participant:
  • the IP address of the participant;
  • the credentials of the participant;
  • the date, time;
  • This includes inventory data and usage data.
  • The i-media Ltd. is authorized to monitor the connections and their content and obtaining access to the logs. A transfer of records to third parties, unless mandatory provisions required by this disclosure or the disclosure serves the purposes of enforcement of rights under this User Agreement.

The providers of the ads displayed on this website send some so-called cookies and / or web beacons, which are also stored in your web browser. These can be read from the respective vendors and are primarily committed to improving particular services.
To erase any data stored in your browser or prevent a future storage, please contact the support of your web browser.

Transfer of your data
i-media Ltd. does not share your personal information to any third party. As far as i-media Ltd. but is obliged by law or by court order, your details will be given only to authorized state institutions and authorities.

Change of Privacy Policy
i-media Ltd. reserves the right to change these security and data protection measures to the extent necessary because of technical developments. In these cases, we will update our privacy policy accordingly. Please note, therefore, the current version of our privacy policy.

Delete your data
If you logged in you can here delete your account including all of your data.